Anxiety Therapy

Are you tired of anxiety controlling your life?

Stop your excessive anxiety now! Begin a new life free from Anxiety.

Are you ready to let go of your anxiety?

I created the Anxiety Unplugged programme based on everything I learnt during my personal battle with anxiety. I have been free from my anxiety habit for over 16 years now - and so can you!

Andy Griffiths

Anxiety is a major setback, it creates unnecessary stress that is usually out of proportion and it usually comes with the inability to set aside a worry/worries and constant restlessness.

If you are suffering from Anxiety and battling those thoughts that race through your mind you definitely need the help that I provide. Typically the anxious thoughts and feelings stem from recent events or lifelong issues that have found a way to dominate your thoughts and subconscious.

My Anxiety Unplugged Programme will permanently switch off your excessive anxiety in only a few sessions, sometimes a short course of follow up treatment is required. But whatever your situation, there is a way to resolve your anxiety and panic attacks quickly and drug-free… I am here to help you hit that switch

Five star customer rating

Andy was so helpful and full of great advice and I would 100% highly recommend him, if you are struggling with anxiety he is defo the man for the job, I came away with some great tools to help start my new life anxiety free.

Nina Matthew

I contacted Andy following a period of intense stress at work. He gave me strategies to get my anxiety under control which have proved to be very useful. He's a great guy and I would recommend him without concern. Thanks again Andy.

Jim Gillies CDBC

Life for me was chaos and needed help to find a way through the other end.And now my journey begins. After meeting Andy and having used the therapy I have to say I’m looking forward to the next phase of my life x ❤️
Would absolutely highly recommend.

Ann Brannan

Andy was amazing. From the first call I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed about the process. Andy was always quick to respond to any queries I had, and I think it has truly helped reduce my anxiety immensely. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed. Thank you for all your help Andy.

Lauren Dhillon

If you have read my story you will understand that I had a long battle with anxiety. I tried everything to rid myself of anxiety including numerous visits to my GP, medication, counselling, breathing techniques and finally researching the condition and curing myself. My battle with anxiety inspired me to become a trained therapist who specialises in all anxiety conditions.

I created the Anxiety Unplugged programme based on everything I learnt during my personal battle with anxiety.

 I have been free from my anxiety habit for 16 years now – and so can you!

Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with, you are not illyou are not broken and more importantly, you are not dying. 

Although the symptoms of anxiety are very real and very scary (I know….) what you are really experiencing is a bunch of sensations that in reality cannot harm you.  

I have never believed in using coping strategies to deal with anxiety

The programme uses an easy to follow structure and a range of tools that you will utilise between our sessions. You will have my undiluted support during the entire duration of your recovery.

This anxiety programme has helped hundreds of people and provides rapid recovery. I can help you win your Anxiety Battle.

Maybe you’ve even attempted some kind of anxiety treatment? Or you were given anxiety medication but found it only made things worse.

There is really nothing on the outside that can put you on the path to full recovery from anxiety, this is where I come in, and I will help you discover the root cause from within and show you how to overcome it once and for all.

Stop your excessive anxiety now!

Begin a new life free from Anxiety today, do not let your anxiety control your life!

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